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There’s a lot in a name.  At Keller Health System we embrace our responsibility to live up to the legacy of Helen Keller, “America’s First Lady of Courage,” born here at Ivy Green in 1880

Keller Health System is a non-profit health system founded in 1921 and anchored by our growing 185-bed hospital campus which in 2011 was awarded JD Powers and Associates’ “Distinguished Hospital Award” for patient satisfaction for the third consecutive year.  We are owned and operated by the Colbert County – NW Alabama Healthcare Authority – locally, and not by a major corporation headquartered far away.  We boast comfortable patient rooms, a modern emergency room, comprehensive rehabilitative therapy services, and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment.

Affiliation with Huntsville Hospital:  In 2010 we announced our 10-year management affiliation agreement (no ownership or governance) with 850-bed Huntsville Hospital that will result in improved efficiencies and services. As we have become the premier hospital in the Shoals and with the expected growth in our area and high satisfaction record with the families we serve, Huntsville hospital has taken a keen interest in us!

The commitment to our careers is founded upon our skill, experience, compassion for neighbors we interact with outside of the hospital, how we mentor our staff, and how we get along!

Proud to be a “Community Hospital System:”

Some believe community hospitals are what the original hospitals in America were founded upon: service and care provided to neighbors. Along with that, there is an acceptance by physicians and employees of being highly-respected and visible members of their service areas.  Before choosing Keller Health System, we decided that we want to live in and serve in a place that is “close-knit” with neighbors who have concern for each other and faces are recognized.  That’s comfortable to us.  In our communities schools are taught by people who also attend our church or are members of a civic club to which we belong – and our adult softball team!

Although we appreciate certain benefits of large urban centers, we believe a better quality of living and working is one of less stress and a sense of peacefulness vs. big city traffic, crime, bureaucracies, long lines, and noise and smog. And those big city suburbs all look the same. We want to live in a community with a history that we can embrace, and here we have all of that and more.

Why Keller Health System and the Shoals? As you tour the Shoals and meet our neighbors, we hope you can tell why we adore life here. Our careers are growing in a hospital with administrators focused on obtaining modern facilities and services that challenge us to grow professionally that are also great for our patients. We offer a one-of-a-kind community and a growing regional system to you – anywhere in the world people know the name Helen Keller – you will be associated with a hospital system that is named after her. We hope that is meaningful to you because it is to us!

We are proud to present to you a “world class” career opportunity in a community that is marvelous and unlike any other that your family will love in which you can spend a lifetime.

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Paul Storey
Chief Executive Officer

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Ryan Campbell
Sam Strickland
Sandi Barnes
VP/Chief Nurse 
Pam Bryant
VP/Human Resources
Video Image Jenna Brewer
MD Relations 
Dan Jackson
Lisa Jackson
Debbie Gerelds
Rhonda Hood
Cardio Pulmonary 
Monica Black
Susan Pendergrass
Teresa Lesley
Cath Lab 
Donna Ross
ER Services 
Lester Taylor
Marlene Dortch
Materials Mgmt 
Danielle Taylor
Medical Records 
Jeannie Maggerise
Case Management 
Cheryl Dendy Surgical Pavilion  Martha Safford
Med Surg/Oncology
Loretta Nelson
Pre/Post Op

 Chief of Staff Welcome:

In our Surgery Pavilion on campus, and his office – a restored historic building in Downtown Sheffield

Kenneth LeMaster, MD
(:16 seconds)
Chief of Staff 

Dr. LeMaster welcomes jobseekers to our Online Job Tour and the Shoals and looks forward to possibly meeting you if you interview!

Campus Photo Gallery          Indoor Photos          New Medical Park

Hospital Services: 

Our system includes our 2012 Medical Park addressing the need for campus expansion, and relatively new Outpatient Surgery, Cancer, and Imaging Centers.  People in the Shoals want their babies “born at Helen Keller” (Our Women’s Center). Our Cardiology services and Cath Lab, our Hospice, Social Services, Sleep Center, Pediatrics and our Rehab/Sports Medicine Program are renowned in Northwest Alabama.  Our Ambulance service extends throughout the Shoals w/ 100 employees. 

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Red Bay Hospital is a small 25-bed facility to our south which we operate in the town of Red Bay 

Red Bay Hospital Campus Photos         Town of Red Bay

Keller Health System’s Helen Keller Hospital is one of 72 in Alabama that is accredited, and one of 91 that offer emergency services. There are 101 total hospitals in Alabama.





JD Power and Associates
JD Powers advertisement
Surgery Pavilion
Imaging Center
Women’s Center
Keller Surgery Pavilion

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A truly authentic Online Job Tour! Unlike many hospital websites and recruitment material, here there are no “stock” photos.  Keller Health System is very grateful to our employees and directors for taking time to share their thoughts and opinions for you and for making our presentation so special. We truly appreciate you!

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